Volunteer Spotlight- Carol Slocum

What made you want to volunteer your time at JFS of Greenwich?
Listening to the news and hearing about JFS providing resettlement services to Ukrainians, sparked my interest to volunteer, – I felt the need to do something more.

In your 10 months of teaching Ukrainian refugees what was one of the most meaningful moments?
I have experienced a meaningful moment every time I taught. It is truly inspiring to see my Ukrainian students, whose lives have been uprooted, somehow have the strength to come to class each week.

What were the challenges of teaching?
It was often difficult to teach the class given the difference in levels amongst the students. Despite this discrepancy all of the students were very diligent and always on top of taking notes. When I spoke to Father Bohdan about the students’ hesitancy to answer/ask questions, he said “Ukrainians won’t raise their hands unless they have the right answer.”

What inspired you to teach ESL in the first place?
I saw the need for ESL teachers increase as more migrants came to the US. I told myself “Just do something about it. Action.” I knew that it was essential to their success in this new country to know how to speak English to some degree. More immigrants are coming to the US. Because of this, I got my Connecticut License to teach ESL.

What is your favorite summer ritual?
Planting flowers on my patio garden.

What is the last book you read?Poetry unbound: Fifty Poems to Open your World, The Quiet Zone, and We all Want Impossible Things.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Ben & Jerrys Cherry Garcia.

If you won a free ticket to travel anywhere in the world, what would be your destination of choice and why?
India: I have been practicing Buddhist meditation and I want to see where the Buddhist live and practice.

Thank you, Carol Slocum, for your dedication and volunteerism!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, contact Lala Addeo at laddeo@jfsgreenwich.org or go to https://jfsgreenwich.org/volunteer/