Thank you for supporting JFS of Greenwich! Your gift will go a long way to helping someone in need. Please click here to make an online donation, call us at 203-622-1881 to donate via credit card, or mail your check to 1 Holly Hill Lane, Greenwich CT 06830.

To donate online now, click here.

No amount is too small! Here’s how your dollars can help:

  • $25 covers the cost of attending one support group session.
  • $50 will buy Chanukah/Passover/Purim foodstuffs and supplies for celebrations in Greenwich senior facilities.
  • $100 will pay for the cost of a shopper to grocery shop for a frail homebound senior for one month.
  • $125 buys groceries for a hungry family of 4 for one week.
  • $150 covers the cost of an individual or family counseling session.
  • $180 covers the cost of an 8 week support group.
  • $200 will go into our emergency fund for clients in need of emergency assistance.
  • $250 buys enough Challah for senior facility Shabbats for one year.
  • $450 will pay for a child’s camp scholarship.
  • $1,000 will pay for a scholarship to college.

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Tribute Cards

A donation to JFS of Greenwich is a great way to honor or memorialize someone special in your life or community. You may request that your donation be used to benefit a specific JFS program, and we will send a note of acknowledgment to the person or family involved, informing them of your generosity in their honor or memory.

Thank you for supporting JFS of Greenwich! Your gift will make it possible for us to continue to provide the highest quality programs and services to all of who come to us for assistance.