Desmond Hamilton

Desmond Hamilton, LMFT Psychotherapist

Desmond Hamilton is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Desmond earned his Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy at Iona College.  He completed his bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science at Concordia College.  His work experience in the social services field started as a Child Protective Specialist for The Administration for Children Services (ACS).  He gained tremendous experience in crisis intervention, family systems, and family dynamics.  These experiences cultivated his ability to present a sense of calm and objective focus during periods of extreme stress.  

Desmond is passionate about working with couples, children, and families. He is well versed in helping clients overcome childhood trauma, family conflict, marriage difficulties, depression, anxiety, anger, mood disorders, and other mental health issues.  Desmond exudes genuine care and concern for those under his care. He recognizes the decision to seek help can be difficult and approaches his clients in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner.  His goal is to create an environment where you feel supported on your therapeutic journey. Change may only occur when we are honest with ourselves and are willing to open our minds to explore new life possibilities.  He is open to serving all clients with a desire for change, utilizing healthy coping skills, aid in navigating their day-to-day, strengthen relationships, and create an environment of growth and fulfillment.  A brighter future is ahead, let’s begin today.