Support Groups

support-groupAre you struggling with feelings of sadness after the death of a loved one?

Has your recent divorce left you confused, angry and sad?

Have you found you have too much time on your hands since your last child left home?

JFS Support Groups can help! You’ll find it makes a difference to speak about concerns with others who share similar challenges and can work with you to find solutions. Each of our support groups is led by a licensed social worker with significant experience in facilitating support groups. We offer groups for adults, families, teens and children. Don’t deal with life’s difficulties on your own; we are here for you.

NEW: Join a traditional support group without leaving home!   Setup is quick and easy!!

Jewish Family Services of Greenwich brings its support group services directly to you via the Online Support Group Project (OSGP). Perhaps you don’t drive, or are unable to leave the house due to advanced age or illness. You may not be able to leave the house because you care for young children or a loved one who’s chronically ill. Some of us have a hard time getting out due to depression, illness, or simple time constraints. If you have a computer, OSGP brings a support group to you by using state-of-the-art real-time video conferencing technology to provide you with counseling services and a caring community.
Some recent participant comments:

  •  “The video conference was great. Energy that would have been drained just getting out of the house was saved for tasks of daily living.”
  •  “I’m not tech savvy but the online instructions were clear and simple. It felt like the other participants were practically sitting next to me. We bonded in a good way even though our issues and health experiences were different.
  • “The group was my haven. I found strength when I had none. We shared our pain, fears, and regrets.”
  • “I felt supported and optimistic. I felt so connected to the group members that I forgot we were online!”
  • The online support group is really going to make a difference in the lives of the people living with ALS and their caregivers. The technology worked out very well. I appreciate everyone’s help in setting up the patients and caregivers to make sure that everything went smoothly today.” — Stacey Rahl, LMSW, Care Services Director, ALS Association Connecticut Chapter

JFS Support Groups



How do I sign up? Click here to register for the group.

To get more information, please call 203-622-1881 or simply complete the online form below:

A JFS social worker will contact you soon to answer any questions you might have and to determine if this group will be a good fit for your needs.

Here’s what some participants have to say about JFS Support Groups:

“The JFS Bereavement Group helped me get through an extremely difficult time. The sessions were supportive, and I left them with a sense of healing and peace.” –Ms. S., age 45

“I found the JFS Separation & Divorce Group to be of great value. The common bond of facing a new life after major disappointment brought everyone in the group together.” –Ms. M., age 56

“The group facilitator, along with the support from the participants, provided me with the tools to deal with what I was going through. Not only have I changed for the better, but I have developed new friendships that will last for years to come.” –Mr. K, age 48

“I want to thank you for leading us through the desert to the mountain. Life is a journey…happiness and contentment are on that road.” –Mrs. B., age 66