Family Counseling

JFS Family CounselingIs your family going through a difficult time?

Whether your marriage is under new stress or you are struggling with parenting a rebellious child, Family Counseling can help you and your family to address these issues. Even the strongest marriages and families can struggle with difficult times. For 30 years, JFS of Greenwich has helped families face life’s challenges through a wide range of counseling and support options. Please contact JFS today to find out how we can help you.

How do I arrange for counseling?

Find out if JFS can help you resolve difficult life challenges and find balance, focus, and stability in your life. To get more information about our individual counseling services, please call 203-622-1881 or simply complete the online form below:

Therapy is offered on a sliding-scale-fee basis and can range from $35-$150 per hour, depending on income.